Ирина Кова

Irina Kova


irina kova

Irina Kova was born and raised in Moscow. Her father was a professor at the physics department of Moscow State University, and her mother run a nanotechnology laboratory. Despite her family interest in physics, Irina preferred human science from childhood.


Irina graduated from law faculty of Moscow State University, and then did her Masters in sociology. While working as a stylist for Elle magazine she decided to move to London, where she read art history at Christie’s Auction House.

She worked for Merrill Lynch in Monaco and a family office in London and then realised that her vocation was literature.


Her first novel “Glamourati” was published in December 2020. In her novel Glamourati Irina created a satirical picture of contemporary high society. The story follows the romantic journey of a Russian model, Natasha (Tash) Romanov, and an English aristocrat, Ben Spencer, as they struggle to bridge the social divide that separates them. The broader canvas of the novel depicts a latter-day Vanity Fair, a contemporary panorama representing the life of the upper class, the international jetset, the ‘rich and famous’. She is currently adapting the story into a script.

In March 2021, the second book Social Climbing Guide for Dummies was published.
In her book, Irina examines the phenomenon of social climbing from sociological and psychological perspectives, explaining it to the reader with examples in a simple and understandable language.

Her third book The Art of Small Talk is due in 2022.


Irina is a friend of the Gift of Life charity foundation, a sister organization of the Give Life foundation, which helps children with cancer and hematological diseases. Thanks to the support of Gift of Life since 2011, more than 440 children have received the necessary treatment.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book goes to a charitable foundation.